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Two Axelar-themed graphics on a pastel blue backdrop.

Services We Delivered

  • Brand Assets

  • Website Design

  • Product Marketing

  • Brand Assets

  • Website Design

  • Product Marketing

Hi Contrast worked with Axelar to create brand assets and design a new website as the firm grew from $2 billion to over $6 billion in annual transaction volume.


Axelar is one of the largest web3 firms providing secure, interchain blockchain communications. The company approached Hi Contrast after a period of growth to create new brand assets, design a new website, and create new digital experiences covering ecosystem-funding programs and industry partnerships.


We worked closely with the Axelar team and developed distinct new visual assets that helped drive competitive differentiation. We created a comprehensive library of new website designs to help the business articulate its market value and enhance the visibility of key products, features, programs, and partnerships. We also developed an extensible digital component library that Axelar could leverage to enable future website expansion.


After launching their redesigned site, Axelar went on to increase transaction volume by over 300%. Hi Contrast’s design systems provided prospects and partners with a deeper dive into core platform features and services and were integrated across ongoing product marketing, digital campaign content, and sales collateral.

Brand Assets

Created an elevated and refined visual identity and design system to help the business scale. Developed distinct new assets driving competitive differentiation.


Website Design

Designed new digital experience to enhance visibility of key products, features, programs and partnerships. Built extensible digital component library for future expansion.

Axelar homepage layout titled Axelar Powers The Cross-Chain Future, featuring partner logos and company stats below the header.
Collection of five web3 chain logos: Avalanche, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, and Fantom.
Investor section design for Axelar, spotlighting a quote from Haseeb Qureshi, Dragonfly. Includes logos of various investors.

Product Marketing

Created cohesive approach integrating brand assets into product marketing and digital campaign content, providing a deeper dive into core platform features and services.

Visual module outlining Axelar (AXL) Token's key benefits.
Design of How Axelar Works page, demonstrating user-added interoperability for dApps.

Funding Programs

Built new site section and designs for marketing programs launching funding opportunities to accelerate ecosystem growth.

Axelar Funding page layout, prompting visitors to apply and presenting key grant stats.

Ecosystem Hub

Developed ecosystem hub highlighting new platform integrations and industry partnerships.

Design featuring an array of blockchains accessible via Axelar.
Section showcasing Axelar Ecosystem Partners, with a search and filter option.

Liquidity Pool Dashboard

Launched dashboard featuring active token pairings across network-supported blockchains.

Axelar graphic of two intersecting circles, one symbolizing Axelar's logo.
Table layout showcasing axlUSDC Pools for cross-chain DEX interactions.

“We were very impressed with Hi Contrast’s ability to translate our big ideas into specific, refined, well-executed brand and website designs. They had an excellent work ethic, consistently high design quality, and timely communication throughout. They created a solid site structure and built a design foundation that will be both scalable and extensible for future work.”

Head of Growth, Axelar

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