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Services We Delivered

  • Brand

  • Asset Library

  • Website Design

  • Website Development

  • Product Marketing

  • Sales Collateral

  • Brand

  • Asset Library

  • Website Design

  • Website Development

  • Product Marketing

  • Sales Collateral

Hi Contrast designed and developed Laso’s brand, digital properties, and sales collateral as the firm grew to $6.5 billion in loans and a successful acquisition.


The Laso team needed a foundational brand for their AI credit scoring and lending automation platform. They also needed to design and develop several digital properties and create sales collateral to license their machine learning algorithms to financial infrastructure providers.


Hi Contrast conducted market research and led strategy sessions with Laso’s team. We architected Laso’s brand and provided guidelines across layout and typography. We elevated the brand by designing a unique visual identity and asset library using distinct 3D images and animations. We created website wireframes, sitemaps, and complete digital experiences integrating these assets and led end-to-end web and mobile development. We launched the site and carried design elements through to sales collateral, digital campaign content, and offline promotional materials.


Laso’s brand, website, and digital experiences were important components of the firm’s story, differentiating it apart from competitors. The firm went on to raise institutional capital, developed partnerships with Microsoft, Equifax and TSYS, and grow to provide $6.5 billion in loans before a successful acquisition by Lendio.

Visual Assets

Created visual identity and asset library, setting the firm apart from competitors using 3D images and animations. Carried materials through to sales collateral, digital campaigns, and offline promotional materials.


Website Design

Designed B2C and B2B digital experiences, including wireframes, sitemaps, and user journeys. Created prototypes illustrating information architecture and page flow mapped to company strategy and business requirements.

Homepage layout featuring intro header and significant company statistics.

Website Development

Led end-to-end development, launching with conversion-optimized site structured for enhanced SEO performance.

Company's About page layout describing Laso’s mission statement.

Product Marketing

Designed campaign creative driving firm’s go-to-market across digital marketing channels for its Automate and Predict business lines.

Laso page design spotlighting the Automate product, including introduction and key features.

White Papers and Sales Collateral

Designed thought leadership materials to help the business generate market awareness and sales collateral illustrating unique selling points across products.

Laso blog layout highlighting three latest posts and a sales team contact CTA.

Hi Contrast designed and developed the brands and websites for our B2C and B2B product lines. These were very different challenges as our B2C brand targeted small business owners to train our AI scoring models and our B2B brand licensed software to financial infrastructure providers. Hi Contrast did an exceptional job in both cases, creating digital experiences that were an important part of our story as the business grew to several billion in loans and an acquisition by Lendio.”

Michael Green

Head of Sales, Laso

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